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The Museum

The Museum is housed in a Category A listed building, an architectural gem. Visit us to learn about the social history of Lochbroom through displays on crofting, fishing, the “klondykers”, the ship Hector, Melville pistols, bi-cen...

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Ullapool Museum offers a Genealogy Research Service undertaken by Museum volunteers. They are experienced, but are not professional genealogists and will use Museum records to research your family members connected to the Parish of Lochbroom. They...

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Lochbroom Stories

The klondyking era was a unique time in the history of Ullapool and Lochbroom. Between the late 1970s and mid-1990s, flotillas of factory processing ships and their crews from the Eastern Bloc and further afield spent the long winter mont...

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Saving Thomas Telford

This is a Category A listed building built in 1829 at a cost of £900. It was in regular use until 1935 as a Church of Scotland parish church. The last service was a wedding. The congregation finally moved into the current Church of Scotland ...

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Through our collections you can explore how people in Lochbroom lived, worked, played and learned through the ages. The museum holds a broad social history collection including objects related to crofting, the sea, education and learning and objec...

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Connecting Collections project

We have appointed our Documentation Project Officer, details to follow

Watch this space for updates on the project once we get started in July

We will be recruiting more volunteers to help. If interested, leave a m...

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“We collect, preserve and protect the history and heritage of the Parish of Lochbroom. We use our collections in creative ways for the inspiration, education and enjoyment of our audiences.”