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The Museum is housed in a Category A listed building, an architectural gem. Visit us to learn about the social history of Lochbroom through displays on crofting, fishing, the “klondykers”, the ship Hector, Melville pistols, bi-centenary quilt and more. Interpretation of the original Thomas Telford Parliamentary church building. Extensive archive reading area and genealogy records and exciting children’s activity area

Covid 19 has left Ullapool Museum with a large hole in our Community Engagement Fund.

Our fundraising activities are self funding, with the funds raised each year from our outreach events funding the following years events.

The decision to cancel these events has meant that the funds raised from them are not available to us.

We are dedicated to continue with our push to develop our website and social media accounts to provide high quality content, however we are eager to get back to in person community events, to engage with our local community on a personal level, and continue to promote Lochbroom’s heritage, culture and history.

To go back to a full calendar of events we need your help to raise the money we have lost through the cancellation of our fundraising events. 

To visit our crowdfunding page click here

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Community Engagement Fund
Target £4000 100%
Museum Youth Internship
Target £8000 52%

We are on our way to our Target of £4000!!! 

6th January 2022

Visit Us

Opening times:

Monday:  11am-4pm

Tuesday:  11am-4pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday:  11am-4pm

Friday:  11am-4pm

Saturday:  11am-4pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Admission: £5.00.  Under 16’s free

Museum Closes 30th October 2021 until April 2022

Explore our Collection

You can get close to some of the highlights of our collection by visiting the museum in Ullapool. Or explore our whole collection from anywhere in the world using our online catalogue.

Search your Family Tree

Ullapool Museum offers a Genealogy Research Service undertaken by Museum volunteers.

To avoid disappointment, please contact the Museum before attending to ensure the research area and /or a genealogy volunteer is available at the time you require.

The goal of Ullapool Museum’s social media presence is to tell meaningful stories, build connections with our community, and enhance awareness of the Museum as a resource of expertise in research and collections areas. To find out more download our Social Media Community Guidelines