Ullapool’s Bicentenary Celebration

Ullapool as we know it was founded over two hundred years ago, in 1788. To celebrate the occasion of the bicentenary in 1988 a year-long series of events was held.

The events included dancing on Shore Street and a parade by the Ullapool Pipe band.

A series of commemorative mugs were issued, and a series of superb tapestries and quilts were made by local people. These show the history and life that is Lochbroom.

Another permanent reminder was the renovation of the derelict Telford Church in West Argyle Street to provide a home for Ullapool Museum. The museum continues to care for photos of the bicentenary celebrations, the mugs, tapestries, and quilts and to tell the fascinating story of Lochbroom. Watch a short video on the creation of the quilt.