Community Finds Workshop
November 2021

Our Community Finds Workshop in November, saw a huge amount of interest from our local volunteers and community in what we had found during our first week digging at Balblair in October of this year. With a staggering amount of finds we enlisted the help of the locals and some amazing volunteers who had came from further afield to assist us in cleaning, sorting and recording.

Lachlan from Highland Archaeology Services was on hand to take us through step by step on the process and delivered some amazing training to our new recruits. Over 20 volunteers helped us to get through the 150 plus finds and gain some valuable new skills, including photography, archiving and conservation.

Our finds consisted mainly of cermanics and glass although there were some special objects, such as a clay pipe stem and a leather hobnail boot. Lachlan also showed us how to package more fragile items such as the leather boot and the hobnails in a short how to video.