Just Talk! Darroch Bratt: Archaeology and History of Whisky in the Highland

Ullapool Museum 7 & 8 West Argyle Street, Ullapool, Scotland

Darroch Bratt, Scotland's leading whisky historian joins us to discuss the economical, cultural and historical impacts of our beloved uisge beatha.

Using a combination of archaeology and research Bratt will discuss impact that whisky has had on the lives of highlanders with a specific focus on Lochbroom.

Bratt will also discuss in detail the illicit whisky still that was found at Inverlael during the Lost Inverlael: A' Lorg Baile Bhlàir project conducted by Ullapool Museum


Just TALK! Dr Kevin Grant: Gaelic Landscapes of the 19th Century


Dr Grant focuses on using novel approaches to the landscape archaeology of the 18th and 19th century Highlands and Islands of Scotland. These included the extensive use of narrative, experiential approaches, and Gaelic oral tradition and culture.

He creates a colourful and evocative account of life within the landscape which acknowledges the breadth of experience in Highland society, the importance of culture in forming ideas and experiences of landscape.