Excavations Week 1 October 2021

The first week of our excavations was held in October 2021. We looked at the land south of the River Lael at a collection of small buildings. These building are not identified on any of the maps so we were unaware of how old this part of the site was and our main objective was to be able to date them. While we were not on the lookout for lots of artifacts we did find some amazing little things on the way, which included lots of green hand blown glass, a tobacco pipe stem, Torpedo shaped bottle and a lovely leather shoe with some of the hobnails still in situ.

Our main objective was to find organic material and charcoal in order to be able to help date the buildings. Luckily we found enough charcoal to be able to carry out Carbon 14 dating, which we hope to have the results for early in the new year.

The Museum Staff, Volunteers, locals and high school pupils had great fun along with the necessary training that is required, which will set us up well for the next week of digging in March 2022

We would like offer a special Thanks to Mrs Jane Whitteridge and Mr Johnny Whitteridge for their continued support in letting us work on their fields during the course of our excavation week.


Some finds however are in the middle of being processed. These interesting items have been found on a piece of land next to Lochbroom, which is outwith our current boundaries but have been kindly lent to assist us in our investigation of the area. Neil and Dougie McCrimmon have been interested in their fields for a number of years and are currently helping us with our research.