Lochbroom Stories

The klondyking era was a unique time in the history of Ullapool and Lochbroom. Between the late 1970s and mid-1990s, flotillas of factory processing ships and their crews from the Eastern Bloc and further afield spent the long winter months in Lochbroom drawn by the boom of the mackerel fishery.

In 2015 the Museum created a fascinating exhibition, Ullapool and the Klondykers, on this unusual and colourful period of our history. The exhibition explored the origins of the klondyke fishing, how our community worked and lived alongside these unusual visitors, and how we hold the legacy of the klondykers on our shores today. The panels are now on display at Ullapool Harbour Ferry Terminal. The Museum is grateful for the exhibition sponsorship from Ullapool Harbour Trust.

DVDs of the images and oral history interviews that formed part of the exhibition are on sale from the museum, or via the website shop.
Please email curator@ullapoolmuseum.co.uk for enquiries.