Lost Inverlael: A’ Lorg Baile Bhlàir has delivered a useful array of workshop activities for young people and children to engage with at home. During the Pandemic our in person workshops have had to be replaced with online worksheets for home learning. This has provided Ullapool Museum with a great teaching resource for Parents and Teachers. At this moment we only have English versions however, in due course these will be followed by a Gaelic variations for use with Gaelic Medium teaching.

These resources are available to download below.

If you wish to post on social media using the available worksheets then please use #LostInverlael or #ALorgBaileBhlair to show us our work.

Week 1 Activities

Week 1 starts off with ‘Getting to Know Your Site’! Pick the area you want to excavate and follow the instruction to gather more information. 

To Download all Week 1 activities 

Click Here Week 1 Activities

Cliog an Seo Gnìomhan Seachdain 1

Lost Inverlael: A’ Lorg Baile Bhl

Week 2 Activities

Week 2 is ALL ABOUT DIRT!!!!! Brown Dirt, Black Dirt, Heavy Dirt, Soft Dirt. We cannot be held responsible for the mess. Sorry for the inconvenience 

To Download all Week 2 Activities

Click Here Week 2 Activitie

Cliog an Seo Gnìomhan Seachdain 2


Week 3 Activities

Week 3 tells us what to do when you find something. Getting all mucky and digging is fun but what happens when you dig up some archaeological treasure??

To Download All Week 3 Activities

Click Here Week 3 Activities

Cliog an Seo Gnìomhan Seachdain 3


Week 4 Activities

Week 4 sees us getting ECO!! What type of materials can we expect to find and what do those materials tells us about the landscape and people??

To Download All Week 4 Activities

Click Here Week 4 Activities

Cliog an Seo Gnìomhan Seachdain 4


Week 5 Activities

Week 5 finishes our activity workshop off, by putting together all the information you have learned over the last few weeks. Now we need to tell the story.

To Download All Week 5 Activities 

Click Here Week 5 Activities

Cliog an Seo Gnìomhan Seachdain 5