Minecraft Workshop

As part of our project we have been lucky enough to get help from the famous Wizard Keen (Adam Clarke), who is a Mincraft  you tuber, who creates Minecraft worlds to play online. Adam has been working in the back ground creating an amazing Inverlael map over the last year, and helped us create the template for our recent workshop.

A few weeks ago we went to Ullapool Primary School to meet with the Gaelic Primary 4/5 class, Many of this class managed to get out to our dig in April to have a go at some digging, drawing and surveying. This time we had a bit of a chat and using our Lost Arc! activities reminded ourselves about the dig and created a short story board by discussing in what ways archaeology can help us understand how people lived. We thought about the landscape and how people lived and worked within it and what jobs they might have done. Then we thought about how do we use archaeology to prove this, what type of finds would help us in confirming our ideas.

After our chat we then went onto our main task. The pupils got to see the sneak peek of our Inverlael map and we all decided it did not have enough people in it, so we set about creating characters to be put into the landscape. Each character has a ‘skin’ a name and a back story. We have also managed to incorporate a significant amount of Gaelic into the game and hope that the characters will speak in Gaelic once it is finished.

Ms MacNeil says;

“We all really enjoyed this part of the project, and the children got a lot out of it. We have covered a good bit of language and culture while we were doing it. We will look forward to the next part of the project”

We had a great time at the school creating the characters and engaging with the pupils, who were amazed by our new app that brought all their characters to life. In the next part  of the project we hope to have Wizard Keen aka Adam with us in person running a workshop to let the pupils see their characters and play in the map in real life.

Using Gaelic...

As part of our workshop we decided to use our Lost Arc! activities to help remind the pupils of the dig 6 months ago. With support from Bord Na Gaidhlig we have been able to have them translated into Gaelic. This ensures that our Gaelic medium pupils can also participate in the project using their native language. 

It is very important to us that we continue to promote the Gaelic language within this project, to help create extra curricular activities that are not exclusively in English. With the help of BBC Alba, Bord na Gaidhlig and our Gaelic Medium Museum Assistant we have managed to create a project that our entire community can enjoy.