What's Going On?

Unforgotten Highland Women

A jewel thief, a witch, a doctor and an inspirational teacher are just some of the stories of incredible Highland women revealed from museum archives. Unforgotten Highland Women is a short podcast series, recorded at live events across the Highlands of Scotland, about remarkable local women.

Blue Corridor (Northwest Geopark)

The Blue Corridor project is a multi-discipline research initiative lead by the North West Highland’s Geopark. The project shares the stories and experiences of the communities living along North West Scotland’s coastlines. Ullapool Museum has provided images, videos, stories and oral histories towards the project.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Balblair is a lost township. Tucked away in the trees, just a stone’s throw from the road between Ullapool and Inverness at Inverlael, centuries of history lie buried and forgotten. In this series of drama-documentaries with the help of Ullapool Museum, archaeologists and historical experts we’re bringing the people and stories of Balblair and Inverlael back to life. 8 snapshots, re-imagined moments in Scotland's Highland history which have, until recently, been HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Museum of the Highlands

Museum of the Highlands is a new website offering novel and exciting ways to delve into the rich history of the Scottish Highlands. From archaeology and ancient stones to paintings, crofting tools, and complex colonial histories, incredible stories of the historic Highlands and its people are ready to be discovered.

Just TALK!

For the first time in several year Ullapool Museum has launched a lectures series for the summer of 2022. This includes Dr Kevin Grant from Historica Environment Scotland, Darroch Grant of University of the Highlands and Islands, Holley McCoy of Glasgow University and for the first time Dr Freya Spoor, Assistant Curator of the National Galleries of Scotland. Tickets go on sale through Eventbright on the 1st of May

Faces of Inverlael

Our Lost Inverlael Project has started looking at a new idea of social documentary photography With Jim Dunn, we are capturing these wonderful portraits and illuminating the story of this lost community which lives on in local people today. If you have connections to the Inverlael landscape we would like to hear from you email: LostInverlael@outlook.com


Ullapool Museum Crowdfunding campiagn ran throughout December and early January has achieve its initial goal of £4000 and nearly hit it's secondary target, with a final total of £6750!! This means that we are able to reinstate a calander of events for our 2022 season.

Volunteer Open Day

Ullapool Museum is recruiting for new volunteers for various areas of the museum. If you think you would like to give your time to Ullapool Museum or have some skills that you want to share please email: Curator@ullapoolmuseum.co.uk or come along to our Volunteer Open Day

Lost Inverlael Excavation

We have announced the next few weeks of excavation for our Lost Inverlael: A' Lorg Baile Blàir. This will consist of two weeks, 19th - 24th of April 2022 & 10th - 15th of May 2022. To find out more email: LostInverlael@outlook.com