Week Two and Three of Surveying

Week two and three of surveying was carried out by the S1’s from Ullapool High School. They had the job or recording the huge number of structures and features on the fields on the hillside.

The S1’s had the monumental task of cataloging the huge amount of features and structures that are located on the hillside. Only once you are up there can you appreciate how arduous this task was and the S1’s did a marvelous job.

We had every weather you can think of from torrential rain on the first day to roasting hot on during the second week.

Up the hill consists of possible dwellings, agriculture pens and storage units. We have unique terrace like structures which could possibly suggest that there was a lack of space at the time of its occupation.

The next stage will hopefully see the S1’s excavate the site in September, and uncover more secrets and hidden stories from Inverlael.

Map 1
Map 2

At the end of the three weeks of surveying we were able to put together a map, with all the structures, walls, enclosures etc plotted onto the modern OS map. This gave us the two images shown of the areas that we have surveyed.

Map 1 shows the largest area that we surveyed that can be seen from the modern road which is highlighted in green. We suspect that this area hold the township, however we are unsure of the phasing at this moment. We hope to be able to uncover more of the settlements phases through our excavations.

Map 2 is located ta the opposite end of the site, and incorporates the ‘Field of Donald the Blacksmith’, the shielings and our illicit still. These are the town main areas that we are looking at for this project however other areas are being researched.