TikTok Diary

As part of our audience expansion during lockdown we became the first Scottish Museum to make the leap onto the new social media platform of TikTok. Our manager Siobhán was invited to host a talk on how to use TikTok as a new social media platform for museums and educators by the Scottish Heritage Social Media Group in March of 2021.

Expanding on this, we used the platform to record a daily video diary of each day of the digs. This saw the High School kids engage with us on a level that they never had before. We were able to capture the ups and downs of an archaeological dig in real time, which brought together the onsite volunteers and the ones who worked elsewhere. The daily posts also made the local community feel that they were experiencing the dig in the same way we were, even if they could not make it out to site. We found this increased our accessibility and became quite well known locally for our daily updates.

We were very lucky to get such photogenic volunteers, who also put up with the constant spotlight brilliantly! Our now famous Dig Dogs however, have became somewhat Divas, and now refuse to get out of bed for anything less than 10 doggy biscuits!