Ullapool Museum Take Down Policy

Ullapool Museum is committed to providing online access to the collection whenever possible. 

We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that nothing that we publish online will cause harm or concern to content creators, content owners, or persons otherwise associated with the material. We strive to act at all times in good faith and in accordance with legislation. 

However, we recognise that material may be made available that is subsequently found to be objectionable. It is possible that material made available in good faith may later be shown to be infringing copyright, displaying sensitive personal data, or containing obscene or defamatory content. Where this may be the case, we operate a take down procedure. 

If you believe material on our websites or material we have otherwise published online has been made available erroneously or incorrectly, please submit a take down request. 

Availability of material on our websites may be objected to on certain grounds, including that the material:  is in copyright and has been made available without the rights holder’s permission;  contains personal data about living individuals and has been processed in contravention of the General Data Protection Regulation; contains content which violates rights afforded under the Human Rights Act 1998; contains confidential or embargoed content; or is defamatory, libellous, or obscene. To make a take down request you should email curator@ullapoolmuseum.co.uk, including the object number of the items in question